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[Feb. 20th, 2006|11:05 am]
Street's Disciple
[music |Warrior Song]

1. Name: JD
2. Birthday: 8/18/83
3. Location: Da BX
4. Favorite Type of Music: hiphop, folk, jazz
5. Top 3 Favorite Artist: nas, ani difranco, john coltrane
6. Favorite Nas Album: it was written
7. Top 3 Nas songs: i gave u power, heaven, one mic

Ok... I need some help. I'm a choreographer who plans to do a project including several nas songs in fall/winter 06. the theme is the effect of poverty & adversity on the concept of death, heaven, & spirituality on inner city youth. nas' "heaven" is without a doubt going in the project, as is india arie's "beautiful place". i am curious if anyone has any ideas on other songs (preferably rap or r&b) which deal with similar themes as nas' heaven (by any artists). any help greatly appreciated!

[User Picture]From: absolutrhaps
2006-02-19 10:24 am (UTC)
Not necessarily all the same theme as heaven, but they all are commentaries on the stresses of living urban life or finding/losing spirituality/sense of one's self.

DMX-Slippin-Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood

Mobb Deep-Peer Pressure-Juvenile Hell

Common-GOD-One Day...

Amil-Smile 4 Me-All Money Is Legal

Common-Retrospect for Life-One Day...

Nas-Life's a Bitch-Illmatic

Nas-Memory Lane-Illmatic

Nas-NY State of Mind-Illmatic

Nas-If I ruled the world-It was written

Nas-NY State of Mind pt. II-I am

Nas-Ghetto Prisoners-I am

Nas-Pray-I am, cassette only

Nas-God Love Us-Nastradomus

Nas-2nd Childhood-Stillmatic

Nas-Drunk by myself-Lost Tapes

Nas-Black Zombie-Lost Tapes

Nas-Sometimes I wonder-bootleg version of Iam

Mobb Deep-Cradle To The Grave-The Infamous

Nas-Black Girl Lost-It was written

Nas-Fetus- bootleg version of I am

Common-The 6th sense-Like Water...


A+-Move On-The latchkey child


AZ-Last Days-Pieces of a man

Bone Thugs and Harmony-Crossroads-E.1999

Qtip & Common-The Remedy-Get on the Bus soundtrack

Brand Nubian-Wake up-All for one

Brand Nubian-Don't let it go to your head-Foundation

Cam'ron-Prophecy-Confession of Fire

Cam'ron-Sports, Drugs, Entertainment-SDE

Black Star-Respiration-Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star

Talib-Get By-Quality

Reflection Eternal-2000 Seasons-Fortified live 12"

Mos Def-Speed Law-Black on both sides

Mos Def-Mathematics-Black on Both Sides

Black Star-Respiration remix-Respiration 12"

CNN-Live Long Live Strong-War Report

ATCQ-Luck of Lucien-Peoples Instinctive...

ATCQ-Everything is fair-Low End Theory

ATCQ-Get A Hold-Beats, Rhymes, and Life

ATCQ-What Really Goes On-Beats Rhymes and Life

GZA-BIBLE-Liquid Swords

GZA-Cold World-Liquid Swords

Ghostface Killah-Motherless Child-Ironman

Raekwon-Heaven and Hell-Only built...

WU Tang Clan-CREAM-Enter the 36 chambers

Masta Ace-Beautiful-Long Hot Summer

De La-Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa-De La Soul is Dead

De La-Stakes is High-Stakes is high

Lost Boyz-Lifestyles of the rich and shameless-Legal Drug Money

Everlast-Black Jesus-Black Jesus 12"

Moob Deep-Hell On Earth-Hell On Earth

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From: derral
2006-02-20 09:09 am (UTC)

nice list

u REALLY know your rap music!! I CAN'T STAND Cam'ron though!
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[User Picture]From: absolutrhaps
2006-02-20 09:40 am (UTC)

Re: nice list

Yea I am pretty thoroughly versed in hip hop, and I dont care for Cam in his current state either but Cam pre '99 I fuck wit, Confessions... and SDE is good work, but once the whole Dipset shit cme along he steadily declined
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